Converting Eqium Presets To UNIQUEL-IZER

Since Elemental Audio have changed hands to Roger Nichols Digital, Inc, all their original plugins, such as Eqium and Firium have changed name and been given slight updates (mainly just the inclusion of a few extra presets).

Eqium is now known as UNIQUEL-IZER and Firium known as FREQUAL-IZER.

But what if, after “upgrading”, you want to use your original nicely crafted presets? Unfortunately, the new plugins use new preset formats and won’t load your originals. However, I was looking at the preset files to Equim, opened them up in Notepad2 and all they are standard XML files. I made a preset with the new plugin and they share the same XML format. Luckily, just updating the header and end element labels and changing the file extension of the old presets solves the issue.

Here’s an example:

<!--2002 Elemental Audio Systems,>
<uniquelizer_filter_settings version="Roger Nichols Digital UNIQUEL-IZER Settings v1.0">
[INSERT .eqm source here]