Destination Malaysia

Despite some problems early on, I write here, just beginning the first leg of the tour.

“Kuala Lumpa, Penang, Bangkok, Siam Reap, Phnom Penh” I explain to Anne, the aerospace auditor sitting next to me. “Angkor Wat! You’re going at a good time: while it’s still standing!”. The trees above are slowly weathering the ancient Temple, made famous by Tomb Raider, “and every school-boys favourite, Angelina”. We laugh and about the sights — or lack of — in KL.

Aversion, “one of the three characteristics of the conscious mind” according to Mitra’s “Beyond the Superconscious Mind” manifests into fear and fear imposes boundaries on our actions. I think about this for a while and it seems to fit. Sometimes, a small request such as asking for water takes a mental leap of faith, while others — like living independently in HK for a year — curiously seem insignificant. It’s natural to become comfortable and if nothing else, travelling resets your comfort and superimposes challenge.

We’re still flying now, a golden sunset welcoming us into Malaysia.