The Route

My Southeast Asia tour: three nights (to ease in) in Kuala Lumpa (Malaysia, a great starting point for travel from Hong Kong) and a further three in neighbouring Penang before heading north into Thailand.

Originally I hoped to take a sleeper train towards Phuket, but a last minute discovery of the tracks being bombed(!) only a week before — a slight inconvenience — means I’ll be flying into Bangkok for two nights.

Cambodia is next on the list and with no direct route there, I’ll be taking a combination of train, tuk tuk and coach. Seat 61 was invaluable for this information.

A further two nights stay in Siam Reap and I’ll be taking the coach to Phnom Penh for a curtailed stay (the hassle of a visa and longer coaches didn’t seem to warrant only two nights in Vietnam) before the 17 hour trek back to Heathrow.

Ba bye Hong Kong! Its been great.